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Circus professional Corey Cheval

Dr. Corey Cheval, Director Ejecutivo

El fundador y director, el Dr. Corey Cheval, ha estudiado danza y música clásicas desde una edad temprana, y luego se interesó de manera especializada en la danza y la música de Brasil. Fue durante su investigación sobre las danzas de la diáspora africana en Bahía, Brasil, que el espectáculo comenzó por primera vez su estudio de artes aéreas (2005). Cheval tiene un Ph.D. en Antropología Cultural de la Universidad de Florida (2015) y una Maestría en Estudios de Performance de la Universidad Federal de Bahía (2008). 

Con un enfoque de investigación en el desempeño y la identidad, Cheval impartió cursos a nivel universitario en aspectos técnicos y teóricos de las artes escénicas. Cheval ha publicado su investigación sobre estudios de rendimiento en revistas académicas revisadas por pares y ha sido oradora invitada en TEDxUF, Frank Conference, Harn Museum of Art y Appleton Museum of Art. 

Cheval ha viajado y actuado por los Estados Unidos y Brasil como acróbata, cantante y bailarina desde principios de la década de 2000. Cheval produce Ragtime Circus de Dusty, un espectáculo de circo de música en vivo galardonado. Como directora del Gainesville Circus Center, comparte su pasión por las artes escénicas con la próxima generación de artistas jóvenes. Cheval también ha escrito varias subvenciones exitosas para la producción de espectáculos y apoyo general al programa en el Gainesville Circus Center. Cheval también ha brindado servicios de documentos Visa, planificación de giras, relaciones públicas y logística de viajes para artistas internacionales que trabajan en los Estados Unidos. Ha trabajado con artistas como Ulisses Rocha (Brasil), Hermógenes Araujo (Brasil) y Dong Xin (China). 

Isabel Brazzel, Youth Program Coordinator & Office Manager

Izzy is an avid mover and as been dancing for over 16 years! She is trained in classical ballet, jazz, contemporary, lyrical, and movement improv. She has experience teaching dance to youth in both English and Spanish, and has spent the last 4 years performing with a dance company in Richmond. However, she is proud to say that she "ran away to join the circus" and has found a new love in the circus and aerial arts. Coach Izzy is also our youth program coordinator. 

Aerial silks artist Liz Bouton

Liz Bouton, Instructora

Liz estudió ballet clásico entre los 3 y los 20 años, pero descubrió que su pasión bailaba en el aire. Su aparato favorito son las sedas y la lyra, y le encanta ser flexible con las clases de flexibilidad. Como joven bailarina, Liz recibió muchas becas por mérito para asistir a intensivos de verano que van desde la Escuela de Ballet Joffrey en Nueva York hasta la Escuela de Ballet de Orlando. El ballet le ha ayudado con su flexibilidad y técnica en el aire, y aunque siempre lo admirará, le encanta la fuerza aérea que la ha hecho por dentro y por fuera.

Aerial silks artist Rainy Barton

Rainy Barton, Instructor

Rainy Barton es maestra de música de primaria y enseña a los grados Pre-K-5 sobre las alegrías de la creación musical. La música y la danza siempre han sido parte de su vida a través de su participación en bandas, producciones de teatro musical, equipos de danza, etc. Se topó con las artes aéreas a través de una amiga y no ha dejado de asistir desde entonces. Su aparato favorito son las sedas. Ella está muy agradecida por la comunidad del circo y disfruta actuar y enseñar allí.

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Dana Habedank, Instructora

Jordan has been training in the circus arts since March of 2021. Her favorite apparatus is the Lyra and favorite moves are Mermaid and Needle Split. She loves Circus because it gives her a creative, safe space to be her truest self and to do what she loves most, perform!


Kate Schwitz, Instructor

Kate has trained in flying trapeze and aerial silks with Tito Gaona, and has taken her passion for the circus arts with her to UF, where she is majoring in Computer Science. Her love for performing arts extends to various forms of dance, as well as classical piano.

Ryah Wa, Instructor

Ryah has loved flying trapeze since xyr youth. While Spanish web is the most important apparatus to xem, xyr favorite part of aerial is getting stronger every day.

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Samatha Belmore, Assistant Instructor

Coach Sam has been performing and involved in Gainesville Circus Center ever since 2016. She started in the kid circus camp and started training from there. Her favorite apparatus is silks. She is currently working on graduating high school in Santa Fe’s dual enrollment program. 

Stacie Atria, Instructor

Stacie discovered circus in 2017 and immediately fell in love with this challenging art form. Her favorite part is understanding how technique can be married to strength to produce amazing skills. When she’s not training in circus arts she can be found with her husband and 2 children, being a holistic veterinarian, riding horses, or performing various types of bodywork on people.

Kelli Sanders, Instructor

Kelli is the Co-owner of Evolve Pilates, a Pilates based fitness and wellness center here in Gainesville.  She has been teaching and helping the Gainesville Community feel strong and well for the last 20 years.  Kelli found Corey and the school in 2015 and has been an active team member ever since.  Kelli loves circus arts and the joy it brings to her life.  She truly believes in the joy of movement and how finding your movement can change your life.  She is currently only teaching flying trapeze but also trains on static trapeze and lyra. Kelli is also a mom and wife. She loves to cook, create recipes and FLY!

Casey Delaney, Instructor

Casey Lynne Delaney moved to Paris in 2011 to study the art of mime at Studio Magenia. After three years of study, she began clown training with Fabrice Sale, Herve Langlois, and Ira Seidenstein. In 2018, Casey began a focused study on contortion. 
Since returning to the States in late 2018, Casey has been performing locally and is thankful to call the Gainesville Circus Center a home base. Casey Lynne Delaney performs mime/clown, and contortion with a side passion for juggling. She’s currently an ISSAC associate with Ira Seidenstein.

Lauren Orlik, Instructor

Lauren is a NASM certified personal trainer with over 8 years of training in aerial arts. In addition to circus, she is an active runner, having participated in multiple half and full marathons, as well as a Ragnar 200-mile relay. She is a Dallas native, has been happily married for just over two years, and has a Goldendoodle therapy puppy-in-training named Boo. 

Hula hoop artist Jessica Antiga

Jessica Antiga, Instructor

Jessica Antiga is an entusiastic swim mom, an avid Zumba enthusiast, Samba mama queen, and rockin circus clown. She has worked with the GCC Flying Trapeze Team since 2017 and serves on the board of directors.

Katie Olson, Instructor

Katie began gymnastics at age 6, and has since fallen in love with latin dance, silks, and acroyoga. She feels at home in the air and enjoys combining elegance with athleticism through acrobatics. By day she is a counselor, and at night she can be found donning her tights to climb the silks or master a new acroyoga flow.


Maddie Williams, Assistant Instructor

Maddie began training circus arts at the age of 8. She is a powerful performer and excels at aerial silks. At the age of 12, she became a soloist with Dusty's Ragtime Circus and performed in regional events. Maddie transitioned from student to team member as an assistant instructor in June 2023. 

Robin Best, Instructor

With a background in music, Robin Best began training with Gainesville Circus Center in 2018 and quickly excelled to become a noteworthy artist and coach. Best spends most of their time touring as an aerialist with various productions, but is always available to coach when they pass through town. Best specializes in dance trapeze, but is well versed in all things circus, including stilt walking, juggling, lyra and more!


AV Tech & Maintenance

Classically trained and self proclaimed progressive metal enthusiast, Venezuelan artist Xavi Leon has worked both on stage and behind the scenes as a pop artist, producer and sound technician in South America and Europe. Leon has worked with the Gainesville Circus Center since it's inception as sound technician, roadie, rigging inspector, general maintenance, and most recently, band director and lead guitarist for CircusPalooza. 

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